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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I Download ForgeIgniter ?

A: You can get FI from two locations, Github and Codeplex. Github always has the latest version while as Codeplex is updated when a final stable version is complete.

Q: What PHP version should I use ?

A: You can use v5.4 but it's advised to use the latest stable version 5.6

Q: I want to test ForgeIgniter what should I do ?

A: We recommend AMPPS for local testing as that'll just work out of the box with no setup required. You could also use XAMPP, both work on Linux, Windows and OSX Operating Systems.

Q: Do you provide hosting and setup ?

A: This is something we can provide, but it'll come at a cost, if you're confident setting sites up you might be better off doing this alone, help is always available on the Forums.

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